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Posted Jul 17, 2020

Current Opportunities

July 2, 2020

MADCAPS is Re-Imagining Service

We hope this update finds you and your family well. The pandemic has been devastating and continues to cause much concern, anxiety, and economic ramifications for everyone. Safety concerns and restrictions continue to make it tough to find any organized volunteer opportunities.

Let’s continue to Re-imagine service -  help an elderly neighbor, help a friend, help an animal, help a disabled person, or help Mother Nature. This is a wonderful time for small acts of kindness… kindness that will add up! We will continue to keep our eyes and ears open. Please continue to share your ideas with your Class Philanthropy Rep.

New Service Ideas and Opportunities:

Meals on Wheels: - They collect cards to drop off with deliveries on special occasions. For example: A Senior’s Birthday. Check the website for more information. Might be fun to organize a small group to create together, from an appropriate social distance. Or create a couple cards on your own and make a birthday box!

Ongoing Service Opportunities:

Autism Tree Project Foundation

2 Virtual Video campaigns:

Here is our Youtube account with ALL our one minute tip videos to date for inspiration: Past 1-min Tip Videos Submit your videos here: Dropbox Video Link

1 Service Hour: Creation, editing, and submission of 1 Video

St. Pauls/Serving Seniors

Bring cards, letter, art directly to St Pauls at 328 Maple Street

1 Service Hour: 3 cards or letters, max 5 hours 

Posted May 31, 2020

Following guidelines released by Governor Gavin Newsom and the California Department of Public Health in response to the increasing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, MADCAPS has cancelled our 2020 Benefit Show. Our decision was based on the fact that it seemed highly unlikely that the Health and Safety mandates would change to a phase that would allow for us to legally run a show with the social distancing guidelines in the foreseeable future. We also have a legal responsibility to give the money that was raised, and is sitting in our bank account, to the charities we serve. They need the funds now more than any other year. 

In the spirit of philanthropic culture, what we hope brought you to MADCAPS in the first place, we are asking that you continue to support our mission: serving the needs of others.  We ask that you turn your ticket purchase into a donation to be distributed to the non-profits MADCAPS supports. These nonprofits are in dire need of financial support and together we can make an immediate impact.  Our tax ID is 33-0105904. If this is your desire, no further action is required.

If at this time you are not able to make the donation, please:

1. Reply to the email from our ticketing database, stating your request for a refund (If you purchased a ticket for another family member or friend you will need to work that out with them as your information is all we have).

2. You should see a refund on your credit card within a couple of weeks for the ticket price minus the processing fee.

3. The deadline to request a refund is Thursday, June 4, 2020. After that, all money will be donated to the more than ten local nonprofits we serve.

*MADCAPS members will not be reimbursed their $70 ticket minimum as that is a membership obligation.

The Board has approved an option to work with any member who may need this money refunded in confidence. Please reach out to our Madcaps President email to work on a plan that is best for you.

Thank you for your continued support of MADCAPS.  Together we are truly practicing the meaning of service.

Mothers and Daughters Club Assisting Philanthropies (MADCAPS)

Welcome to our website.  This is our portal of communication to the public and our membership. “The purpose of MADCAPS, as a private, nonprofit organization, is to involve mothers and daughters in direct service to and support of established philanthropic organizations.”

Greetings fellow MADCAPS members and welcome to our new members, Class of 2026! It is such an honor to serve you as president for 2020-2021. This year will continue to bring us all life changes on just about every level, MADCAPS included. Boy, we are in for a bumpy ride together, but first, a brief history so you can learn a bit about me. I am a San Diego native, grew up in PL, and was lucky enough to be a MADCAP Junior member, class of 1987. My daughter is a junior at La Jolla Country Day and my son is a new freshman at High Tech High. My husband works for the Navy managing hotels on Coronado, we met while both of us were working for Hyatt in the 1990’s. I honestly believe my early experience with MADCAPS taught me the importance of giving back which is why I am here today as your president. I have served in many different philanthropic positions over the years helping the Peninsula Y, Warren-Walker School, Rady Children’s Hospital, and am currently on the board at the San Diego History Center. My door is always open to new ideas and I have no goals for this year other than being flexible and serving our membership and our philanthropies as well as I can. 

We are most appreciative of our generous donors who let MADCAPS keep their contributions though show was canceled. Here is a list of our major sponsors, please check our website for a complete list.


Julie Gildred Connolly

President 2020-2021