COVID-19 Protocols

Posted Oct 04, 2021

In light of the Delta Variant/pandemic and safety of our membership, the MADCAPS board wants to address the following Covid-19 protocols going forward:

  • We are following the protocols other organizations have in place that are in compliance with the state guidelines.
  • If you are having Covid-19 symptoms (i.e. fever), PLEASE STAY HOME.
  • You are not required to attend any MADCAPS events in-person that are beyond your level of comfort.
  • Similar to the 2020 year, we are offering alternative ways you can volunteer, whether it is for philanthropy work or in support of the benefit show.
  • It is your responsibility to follow the philanthropy’s requirements if you choose to participate.
  • There are many at-home volunteer projects already available to you. Contact your philanthropy representative for more information.

We appreciate your flexibility, patience and attention! Please feel free to contact me or other board members as we all navigate through this challenging time together. 

We're committed to making 2021-2022 memorable for all!

Judy Adelizzi Parker

MADCAPS President


October, 2021
August, 2021


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