August 2020 Articles

Posted Aug 30, 2020

Re-Imagining Service

Philanthropy Update 

August 2020

Madcaps was able to present all of our Core Philanthropies with a $5,500 check this past month. We received many beautiful Thank You messages! 

Take a moment with your Madcap to watch this sweet and inspirational thank-you video from Serving Seniors!

Service Spotlight! Class Updates:


The senior class of 2021 is really excited to help with the Encinitas build for Habitat for Humanity and have found it to be really physical work but very rewarding!


Beach Clean-up event at Mission Beach, Cards to PACE, Camp Counselors at the San Diego Humane Society Animal Adventure Camp. Some of our girls have been working with Words Alive, creating cards / artwork for seniors, and making animal beds and toys for the SD Humane Society.


Class of 2023 is in the process of completing more than 90 hours of service to the SD Humane Society, their core philanthropy. They made animal enrichment toys for dogs, cats and other small animals.


The girls have been getting creative and getting to work “re imagining Service”. One girl organized and hosted a food drive for pets, several girls are sewing masks to donate, others are serving neighbors as babysitters and mother’s helpers to lighten the load of working moms at home. Many girls continue to create cards, write letters, and provide art supplies for St Pauls Seniors. Food bank shifts were filled, and beachers were cleaned! 


UCSD Bannister La Jolla Family House - Provided dinner and cookies and cards for the medical staff currently staying there. Beach Clean ups, Clothes Donation, lots of cards for the elderly.


Girls are busy delivering 49 blankets and 112 dog/cat toys to Paws of Coronado and Ally's Animal Assistance Network. They’ve completed lots of food bank shifts and neighborhood clean ups! 

They also hosted a COVID conscious Strip and Dip! Great job and WELCOME Madcaps 2026!!!


Below are options that you can organize - for yourself or with others!

Father Joe's Villages Rock Decorating - We're painting rocks and delivering them to decorate one of the outdoor areas at Father Joe's.  Please have your daughter paint rocks with a message, picture or design, have them be artistic!  Finish the rocks off with at least two layers of a clear coat (Modge Podge or something similar) so that the design lasts through our brutal San Diego winters. 😉 Feel free to share this opportunity with siblings in Madcaps!

Deadline:  September 15

Service Credit:  One hour of service credit for every 3 painted rocks donated, up to 5 hours maximum (15 rocks).

Rock Drop:  Claudia Virgilio's house 806 Catalina Blvd. 92107

San Diego Humane Society - Do-It-Yourself Packet online instructions to make mats and dog toys. Staci Hurley and Amelia Curtis are especially thrilled to receive the mats as they take a long time to make. Girls can purchase all of the supplies (i.e. plastic mats, fleece material, etc) The mats take a while to make so the Madcaps girls can accrue quite a few hours. The DIY packet is self-explanatory and provides directions on how to make items for dogs, cats, and birds. Deliver to SD Humane Society

Jewish Family Service

The health and safety of staff, volunteers, and clients are top priority. As an agency that works with vulnerable populations, JFS has modified our volunteer opportunities to meet public health recommendations and social distancing practices. There are still many ways for you to stay involved with JFS and give back to our community during these challenging times – we look forward to seeing you!

Cushman and Jacobs Food Bank.

Is your madcap 16 or older? Volunteers 16 and older can sign up for a shift through the food bank website. The volunteer page is user friendly and explains everything you need to know. Just:

Register as a volunteer 

Locate volunteer shift schedules. 

Sign up  OR if you see a shift with multiple slots, feel free to tell your class and get a group together!

AvantGard Senior Center is looking for a group of girls to do some entertainment outside of the center for the residents, following Covid-19 safety protocols.  If anyone is interested, please reach out to Madcaps Mom Irene Damsky for more details.

Serving Seniors has an urgent need for volunteers 18+ to help them build shelf table meal boxes.  Anyone interested should contact  Elle Leidy at Serving Seniors 619.487.0605 or


Ongoing Opportunities:

Autism Tree Project Foundation

2 Virtual Video campaigns:

Here is our Youtube account with ALL our one minute tip videos to date for inspiration: Past 1-min Tip Videos Submit your videos here: Dropbox Video Link

1 Service Hour: Creation, editing, and submission of 1 Video

St. Pauls/Serving Seniors

Bring cards, letter, art directly to St Pauls at 328 Maple Street

1 Service Hour: 3 cards or letters, max 5 hours 

Want another creative idea? ��������

Reach out to an elderly neighbor about gardening or any outside chores they need assistance with! 


Michelle Riley & Julie Tweeten

2019-20 MADCAPS Philanthropy Chairs


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