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Posted Jul 17, 2020

Current Opportunities

July 2, 2020

MADCAPS is Re-Imagining Service

We hope this update finds you and your family well. The pandemic has been devastating and continues to cause much concern, anxiety, and economic ramifications for everyone. Safety concerns and restrictions continue to make it tough to find any organized volunteer opportunities.

Let’s continue to Re-imagine service -  help an elderly neighbor, help a friend, help an animal, help a disabled person, or help Mother Nature. This is a wonderful time for small acts of kindness… kindness that will add up! We will continue to keep our eyes and ears open. Please continue to share your ideas with your Class Philanthropy Rep.

New Service Ideas and Opportunities:

Meals on Wheels: - They collect cards to drop off with deliveries on special occasions. For example: A Senior’s Birthday. Check the website for more information. Might be fun to organize a small group to create together, from an appropriate social distance. Or create a couple cards on your own and make a birthday box!

Ongoing Service Opportunities:

Autism Tree Project Foundation

2 Virtual Video campaigns:

Here is our Youtube account with ALL our one minute tip videos to date for inspiration: Past 1-min Tip Videos Submit your videos here: Dropbox Video Link

1 Service Hour: Creation, editing, and submission of 1 Video

St. Pauls/Serving Seniors

Bring cards, letter, art directly to St Pauls at 328 Maple Street

1 Service Hour: 3 cards or letters, max 5 hours 


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